Clash Royale Deck Cochon rocket, Arena 8

Since the last re-balancing of Clash Royale, the meta is very changeable! And as we approach ESWC Winter, many players struggle to find a competitive camp. We decided to return to the fundamentals by presenting you a deck that returns to fashion with the Top Players.

The cards that make up this deck are versatile: direct attack with pig, support with spirit and ice wizard, mega gargoyle and army of skeletons to defend and two spells with log and rocket Will spice up your game phases.

In attack: As mentioned above, this deck is made to scratch. So as soon as you have it in hand, as well as the princess, lay them down and do damage! The rocket can also be used in attack, especially if you have the ability to anticipate the invocation of your opponent’s troops (thus damage on tower + on troops)

In defense: This deck allows several defensive combos of clash royale hack. Facing the tanks like the Pekka or the giant the army of skeletons will come to counter them easily, EXCEPT if they are supported by other troops. In this case, invoke the mega gargoyle to directly attack them. The spirit of ice or the sorcerer will slow down the enemy while you will annihilate them. As for the log, it will be there to help you if the supernumerous enemy is present!

Tip: This deck is not easy to take control of, so take your trouble patiently, and make at least ten games before you pronounce. For those who have just started the game, give yourself time to mount your cards in order to maximize tournament if not already done.